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Can you ship me a paper catalog?
No. At this time we do not offer a paper catalog. However, for every shipment more than US$500 you buy from us, we offer for our customers a free CD presentation for their record our products. Moreover, we can send you a price list of our jewelry supplies in Microsoft Excel format via email as per products codes, but not in paper form. However, the pricing and availability of all jewelry supplies should be checked on the web site, as both are subject to change.
What is your privacy policy?
We do not share any information about our customers with others, with the exception of information required to process their orders (or when requested by a government health or law enforcement agency in the course of an investigation). We do not send SPAM email, but we do send email to our customers with order confirmation, tracking number information, or questions regarding their order. Please see our privacy statement on the "privacy" section.
Can I visit your business and pick out beads in person?
Certainly, you can do so. If you cannot visit & you are in Jaipur or area, you can pick your package from our representative at GPO or your stay place in Jaipur
Can I come myself to purchase items of my choice to your offices?
Certainly, you can do so. If you do so, inform us about it or come at your convenience.
How long have you been in business?
Since 1987 we do manufacture Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite & Tourmaline. Since 1990, we have been exporting worldwide.
What professional organizations do you belong to?
We are members of GJEPC, GIAGROUP, Eurotradeconcept & Eurochamber
Is it possible for me to pay in other currencies?
Yes, you can pay in Euro, Great Britain Sterling Pound, Australian Dollars & Japanese Yen, too.
Is it possible for me to have my bill in other currencies?
Yes, certainly you can have your bill currencies of your choice.
How do I find something I'm looking for on your web site?
If you are looking for something specific, try our search engine page. You can find any specific stone you want by typing in search page the stone name & stone shape. If you already have our product ID code, you can find it by or if you have any specific price category, by typing US$ with the price category you prefer, you can find. Even after doing all these you do not find what you were searching the site for, contact us without hesitation.
What are Cookies and what are your policies regarding them?
A cookie is a small piece of information a Web server sends to your Web browser when you look at a Web page. A cookie file is the place on your computer's hard disk drive where the browser stores the cookies. Cookies allow you to save your passwords, purchases, and preferences. For your protection, we never store any of your secure, personal information using cookies. However, we do use cookies to store shopping cart items so you can finish shopping at a later time without losing any information. For this reason, you need to have cookies enabled to shop online. Here's how to do this with Internet Explorer 6.0 (other browsers should be similar): go to Tools/Internet Options and click the Privacy tab. For best results, set the privacy setting to Medium. If it is set to' Block all Cookies' the shopping cart will not work.
I subscribed for the Newsletter-why am I not getting it?
As you know, spam is a big problem when it comes to email. Unfortunately, many types of spam blocking software intended to prevent spam also blocks legitimate email. If you would like a copy of a newsletter sent to you,
How many beads are there in a strand?
It depends on the size of the bead. You can figure this out, then divide that by the millimeters of the bead's diameter out if you know how many millimeters the bead string is (for a round bead) or thickness (for a roundel, rectangle, and square bead.) Most of bead strands are in particular 15-16 inches long in exception to 8 inches one. A 15 inch strand is equal to 381 millimeters. A 16 inch strand is equal to 406.4 millimeters. For example, to find the number of beads on an 8mm strand: Divide 406.4 by 8 to get 50.60.This indicates there are 50 beads on an average strand of 8mm beads. Here is a great web page if you need to convert other numbers to or from metric. Convert me (www.convert-me.com.en)
Can I order a partial package of beads?
In some rare cases we may have a few extra beads that we could sell as a partial package. You can enquire via email toinfo@yogendraimpex.com
Please specify the part number in your enquiry & bear in mind that it should be a minimum cifra of US$75.
If you still have any problem regarding general business, please contact info@yogendraimpex.com

What are my payment options?
For the convenience of our customers we have established multi option payment policy, which gives you the flexibility to made a payment with your convenient way, please Click Here for details.
Which Credit Cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master, American Express and payment
Is it safe to send my credit card information through the Web?
In today's time online credit card transaction is much safer then offline use. On the time of online credit card transaction nobody can see your card information except you and your card company because all the transaction done under 128-Bit SSL server, which encrypt your card information when you sent it to us.
Can I send my Credit Card Information by Fax?
Yes, if you don't want to send your information through web then you can send your card information via fax at +91 1412609823, +91 1412576492
If I don't find your payment options convenient for me?
If our payment options are not convenient for you, or you want to pay by some other method, then please contact payment@yogendraimpex.com
Do I need to pay sales tax?
For international buyers there is no sales tax, however there may be some import or custom duties, which is the sole responsibility of buyer. For all Indian customers, the prices are including sales tax.
How long does it take to get my order after I made a payment?
After we receive the confirmation of payment, we take 2 Business Days to prepare and ship the order and rest time 6-7 days for shipping.
If still you have any questions or doubts, or don't find the answer for your question, feel free to contact at.
How secure is the yogendraimpex.com Web site?
yogendraimpex.com is hosted on a very reputed server with all major security features to keep your and our data safe and secure.
How Artindiaonline use and share my personal information?
We use personal information to customize the Site, to make appropriate service offerings to you, and to fulfill your buying requests from the site. We share only necessary information with the third parties that are involved in the order process, such as the financial institution that issued your credit card, and the shipping carrier.
How safe is my information with Artindiaonline?
Your information is stored in our password-protected database and our employees are aware of our security policy and practices. Your personal information is only accessible to a limited number of qualified employees who are given a password in order to gain access to that information.
Do you use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies but we never misuse cookies to store sensitive information such as credit card numbers etc.
How do I know if you change your Privacy Statement?
If there is any change in our policy then you will get e-mail notification from us and you can also see a posting on the home page of yogendraimpex.com
If still you have any questions or doubts, or don't find the answer for your question
Shipping International

What is your Shipping Method?
We use Insured "Speedpost" OR "Express Mail Services" (EMS) for all-International shipments. This Global Express Service is provided by Indian postal department with full value Insurance and with online tracking facility.
What is your Delivery Time?
Within 6-7 business days from the time your package leaves our center.
What is your Shipping Rate?
Please view the shipping link at homepage for detailed informations to this regards.
What are your handling charges?
Please view the packing/handling at shipping link at homepage.
Shipping National

What is your Shipping Method?
For domestic shipping we use Elbee Express Services, which is insured, reliable and fast with online tracking facility.
What is your Delivery Time?
Within 2-3 days to any destination in India
What is your Shipping Rate?
Please view the shipping link at homepage for detailed informations to this regards.
What are your handling charges?
Please view the packing/handling at shipping link at homepage.
If you still have any question regarding shipping.
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